Kathrine Carson, Chair (Lee County)


This committee is charged with serving as the association’s focal point and forum for discussion, research, and development of special projects, issues, and opportunities that do not fall within the scope of other standing or special committees. The Chairperson shall work to recruit and include a diverse group of committee members with the relevant interests and skills to meet the needs of the committee as they arise. The Chairperson will be also responsible for maintaining regular contact with those association members who are serving as appointed representatives of the AAEM to other bodies or organizations, except as otherwise directed by the President.

Specific tasks include:

  • Providing a forum for individuals appointed to represent the association on state, national, or other boards, committees, and commissions to meet and discuss relevant issues in-depth with fellow association members;

  • Maintain a list of active projects and action items of interest to the association to enhance continuity over time, support project completion, and ensure fulfillment of obligations to AAEM members and partners;

  • Facilitate joint projects with other local, state, and federal partners to improve emergency management and benefit the association and its members;

  • Support research and development efforts by acting as the association’s focal point for academic research opportunities;

  • Identifying areas of opportunity for the association to engage with other partners to improve emergency management plans, programs, and activities; and,

  • Provide reports on special topics as requested by the officers, board, and/or membership of the association.