The Pat Neuhauser Spirit of EMA Award is presented to an individual with a level of enthusiasm in promoting Emergency Management, a willingness to share
and serve, dedicated, faithful and loyal. This is the most prestigious award offered by AAEM. One award may be presented each
year. A person may only be awarded one time. You are strongly encouraged to supply examples of nominee qualities that reflect
the values listed above. Additional letters from others in the community would be a plus.


2004 – Pat Neuhauser (posthumous)

2005 – Chuck Murph

2006 – H. Edward Hicks

2007 – Max Armstrong

2008 – Dan Isley

2009 – Deborah Gaither

2010 – Ellen Tanner

2011 – Daun King

2012 – Mindy Nash

2013 – Anita McBurnett

2014 – Ricky Little

2015 – Ronnie Adair

2016 – Jenni Guerry

2017 – Eddie Lary


2017 Award Recipient Eddie Lary, Tuscaloosa EMA

Eddie has served as a volunteer with Tuscaloosa County EMA for over eighteen years. At the time he joined EMA, he had three years of storm spotting experience and over 35 years of service as an Amateur Radio Operator (WS4I-Extra). Eddie serves in a number of roles in the agency but primarily he is best known for is his long time service as the American Amateur Radio League (AARL) Emergency Coordinator (EC) for Tuscaloosa County. He has served in this capacity for over six years. When the EOC is activated for a weather event, Eddie is responsible for coordinating the ham radio operators to fill our ham stations. Eddie serves as the EMA representative to Tuscaloosa County VOAD where this year he was elected to his second two year term as Vice President of the organization. In addition to maintaining amateur radio equipment for EMA, Eddie also has maintained EMA generators and other electronic items (i.e. weather station). He is truly a key asset for the Tuscaloosa County EMA and a role model for others wishing to serve their communities. Eddie represents the values reflected by Pat Neuhauser with his can-do attitude and willingness to give over and above what is required.