This committee is responsible for both the nomination process of candidates for office and validating the credentials of voting members. The committee will collect letters of candidacy for any officer elected as a current dues paying member of AAEM, assure that all requirements of candidacy are met, present a slate of candidates to the membership at the Annual Conference, validate the credentials of voting members, and conduct elections in accordance with Robert’s Rules of Order.


Election Packet & Guidelines

AAEM Elections will be held June 14-15 at the Annual Conference in Florence at The Shoals.   Please, do not jeopardize your opportunity to be considered.  A brief description of each position along with the duties and responsibilities associated with it are listed below for your review.  Please note that the Officers of the Association shall consist of the following:  President, 1st Vice-President, 2nd Vice-President, Immediate Past President, Secretary (Appointed Non Voting), Treasurer (Appointed Non Voting), (7) Area Directors, and (1) AEMA Representative.  All of the elected officers of the Association, plus the immediate past president are voting members of the Board of Directors.  The President shall appoint the Secretary and Treasurer, who will serve a one-year term, and one person may serve in both positions.

2nd Vice-President – The Second Vice President shall perform the duties of the First Vice President in the absence or disability of that officer and perform such other duties as required by the Administrative Policies and Procedures.  Ultimately, both the First and Second Vice Presidents have the same duties as the President, which are to preside at all meetings of the Association and the Board of Directors; authorize expenditures within the budget appropriations approved by the Board of Directors; and perform such other duties as required by the Administrative Policies and Procedures.  A candidate seeking office of 2nd Vice-President must have been a member in good standing for three (3) years prior to seeking office.

Area Directors:

Candidate for Area Director must be an Individual in good standing for one year.  Area Directors are the liaison between AAEM and their Region.  Candidate for Area Director 8 is also a liaison between AAEM and AEMA.

Area 1 Director
Area 2 Director
Area 3 Director
Area 4 Director
Area 5 Director
Area 6 Director
Area 7 Director
Area 8 Director (AEMA)

In order to be placed on the ballot for election to office, the candidate must submit the following:

1) A letter of intent stating candidacy;
2) A letter from the candidate’s immediate supervisor supporting the time and travel  
     necessary to satisfactorily fulfill the requirements of the office;
3) A brief resume

These items must be submitted within 30 days prior to the first scheduled day of the Annual Conference or submitted to the Chairman of the Nomination and Credentials Committee on the first day of the Conference.

If you decide you would like to run for one of these positions, please send your packet to:

Margaret A. Bishop-Gulley, Director
Sumter County EMA/Nomination Chairperson
P.O. Box 99
Livingston, AL 35470 

Voting rights – are granted in accordance with the following membership categories:

Individual Members – Full voting rights
Life Members – Full voting rights

The deadline for election packet submission must be received no later than 5 business days before the first day of the Annual Conference.