As a service to our members and the emergency management community, we are providing links to various resources and information.

Google Docs for EM

The links provided below are documents in Google format which are available for your use and customization.  In order to use or customize the document, you will need to make a copy into your own Google Drive account.  If you do not currently have a Google account, use this link to create one or go to and click ‘Create Account’.

Once you have logged into your Google account, click on the link to the document you want to use.  The document should open in your browser.  Click the ‘File’ menu and select ‘Make a Copy’.  Provide a name for the new document and click ‘OK’.  The document will now be in your ‘My Drive’.  It is recommended that you create folders in your ‘My Drive’ to help keep your documents organized.  Once you have folders created, you can drag and drop files to those folders.  You can also share individual documents or entire folders with other users using the ‘Share’ button in Google Drive.  You may assign Edit, View, or Comment rights.

EOC Logging Spreadsheet

ICS-205 & 217 w/ Auto-fill – Enter frequency/channel info into the 217 tab & then choose channel name from drop-down on 205 tab to auto fill the remaining info.

ICS-214 Unit Log


ACCA/AAEM Statewide Debris Contracts

FEMA Debris Management Plan Review Job Aid

 Alabama Local Resource List

The South Alabama Mutual Aid Compact is developing a list of local resources that may be available for disaster response.  They are asking each county in the state to have their local agencies enter mutual aid resources using the form linked below.  Please enter one resource per form submission.  If an agency already has a resource list in a spreadsheet, it can be imported into the list without submitting individual items.  Please contact the SAMAC resource list team (Bob Franklin, Scott Wallace, or J.T. Johnston) for more information on bulk imports.

A link to the searchable resource list spreadsheet has been provided to all SAMAC members who have provided an email address.  The list will be made available to all Alabama EMAs in early 2016.

Alabama Local Resource List – Data Entry Form


“Ice Cream Shoppe – Incident Command System Made Fun With Food!” Presentation

Here is the presentation and supporting document that Chris Tate gave at the 2015 Winter Conference.  If you have any questions, email him at

ICS Ice Cream Shoppe Presentation

ICS Ice Cream Shoppe Exercise